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During the evening of November 16th, a post with an odd-looking photo began to gain multitudes of shares on Facebook. It was a photo of an olive-colored suitcase, laying on its side in an alley. The accompanying caption was one of panic by a woman from Chicago’s southside neighborhood.

Saturday night, a woman noticed a suspicious man in an unfamiliar car, parking a half block away from her family’s house. He exited the vehicle and threw away a brand new olive green suitcase in her family’s trash can, then walked back to his car and drove away.

“I had the worst gut feeling and grabbed gloves and checked the suitcase and it had a pair of girls blue jeans, a crop top, a pair of Air Force, and a pair of hoop earrings”

She says the clothes looks like it could belong to an 18-year-old girl. Meanwhile, the man was clearly in his late 30’s, early 40’s. He was driving an old Saturn vehicle, possibly a 2000 model. After several calls to local police, no one was dispatched to her location. She waited for hours and as of 10:30 PM, had still not received so much as a call back regarding the incident.

In the comments section of our Facebook post, members of the community have expressed their lack of faith in the local police department as if the lack of support from the 8th district were a regular occurrence for them.

The woman asked for friends & community members to help create awareness of the matter as so many young women & teenagers continue to be reported missing. A HEX FM community member shared with us the most recent news of 15-year-old Fryda Jimenez, who was reported missing just last Friday. CBS reported that she was, “wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, light blue shirt with “Our Lady of Tepeyac” wording, navy blue pants and white gym shoes.”

(Credit: Chicago Police Department)

A pair of Nike Air Force, and a pair of blue pants were reportedly found in the suitcase by the woman who posted to Facebook earlier this evening. Members of the community expressed concerns about the possibility of the two incidents being connected, however, she has addressed this by confirming the air force shoes from the suitcase are black and the shirt did not match the description provided.

Although it did not match the clothes description provided for Fryda Jimenez, there are still many others missing. We’ll continue to follow this story closely and report back with any updates.